Suddenly Mom: The Beginning

I have been writing in my dreams.

I would like to thank my daughter, (from here on out known as Little W), for sleeping a whole 6 hours last night at the ripe young age of 3 weeks.  We are not following a strict sleeping plan.  It just happened. I woke up nice and rested around 4:30 AM, and then realized the downfall of sleeping so long while breastfeeding.  Ah, I think it was worth the two boulders on my chest.

But because of this 6 hour slumber I was able to dream and remember it!  Unfortunantly, I wasn’t doing anything spectacular in my mind except for writing in a notebook with a  G-2 pen.  Never used a G-2? Go to your closest store and pick one up.  They are fantastic.

It is sad when you start doing your previous “everyday things” in your dreams.  Had it really been that long since I had written anything cohesive?  When was the last time I had written in my paper journal or jotted down a short story?  My days as of late have been filled with laundry, dishes, breastfeeding, and spit up.  Actually, if my husband (from here on out known as Mr.V) didn’t have to go to work, I might not even know what day it is.  Sad.

So here it is.  Something to do with one hand as I do everything else with the other.

Mrs. V


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2 responses to “Suddenly Mom: The Beginning

  1. We are in such different places in life, but I’m really enjoying your blog. My kids are now almost 8 and 10, but I too had the thoughts about “when was the last time I wrote in my journal”… which is one of the reasons I started blogging. I used to write in a journal when my kids were babies, but it was still infrequent. Actually, my blogging is infrequent sometimes, too. But I really love writing, and I missed it. I was also writing in my head and wanted someplace to put it all down. Typing is definitely faster than writing with a pen… though I still like to write stories by hand. There is a lot more, but I’ll just say that you remind me a bit of me, which is pretty fun to find in the wide world of cyberspace and blogging. Blessings to you and your family!

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