Back to Work?

Today was kind of a monumental day for me.  I went in to work. For 1.25 hours.

It doesn’t exactly sound like a lot of time and when you have 280 emails to go through, it really isn’t.  But it felt like just the right amount of time to be away.

I told our director that I would be in this week but that my hours were strictly determined by to Little W.  Luckily I live just a few blocks from our center, so I can drive home right when Mr.V calls and says “feed this baby!!”

I made it into work when we opened (I work the office at a pregnancy resource center) and already there were quite a few ladies that wanted services.  Luckily there were three of us in the office today and one volunteer in the clothing room, so it wasn’t too bad.  I went through many spam emails, printed out some bills, and even helped a client in my time there.  Trust me, being gone for a month has left MANY things undone.  But did I really want to do them right that very second, minute, day? No.  As soon as Mr.V gave the call I was out of the office.  Driving home, I thought to myself: I am so very lucky that I have a part time job.  Very lucky that it is only a few hours a week.  Very lucky that I can zip home in less than a minute.

I knew that for myself, I could never have a full time job and attempt to raise kids.  I couldn’t do it.  I would constantly be pulled in hundreds of directions and would feel like I was giving less than 1oo% wherever I wasn’t for that moment.  I’m glad I stuck to my gut, because driving home I realized where I wanted to be.  I couldn’t wait to get home.

Mrs. V


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