One Month.. and Spit Up

Well Little W is officially one month old.  Time flies, but honestly.. it’s not like she is packing her own lunch yet.  There is still lots of baby time left.  To celebrate her growth, Little W has decided to spit up at least one whole meal each day since.  It has been a joy to clean the mass amounts of milk from myself, Mr. V, blankets, clothing, and everything else within a 8 inch radius.  In all actuality, it isn’t a joyful experience.  We see it in her little eyes a few seconds before it happens… she seems to be thinking “Oh great. LOOK OUT!” and then spew.

Mr. V was a bit worried today so I decided to use trusty Google.  It is my go-to.  I don’t have health insurance, I Google.

After putting  “spitting up whole meal” into the little search bar I got some interesting results.  According to the masses, as long as my baby isn’t “projectile vomiting”, it is normal.  And just to make sure, I wanted to know what was considered “projectile”.  Let us just say that she is not shooting vomit three feet.  Phew.  Many moms stated that it went away completely in a few months, but that most babies spit up – sometimes a lot of their meal.  I was able to reassure Mr. V with this.  No three foot vomit, no problems.  I think Little W is just getting a little too much during some feedings and after a bit she just spits up what she doesn’t need.

Does anyone else out there Google every question they have about their baby?  Maybe every question they have all together?  Here is a fact, Google keeps all of your search queries indefinitely.  They actually keep it attached to your IP address for up to 18 months.  I wonder if you could tell a life story with years and years of Google searches…

Mrs. V


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