How I Met Mr. V

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Today I am going to participate in Kelly’s Korner Show Us Your Life (if Little W will stay asleep a bit longer.. she is shuffling!)  This Friday (I am a little late, but oh well) is How You Met Your Husband!

I met Mr. V my freshman year of college.  We were going to a small private Christian college in our state and neither of us liked it.  I had stopped eating in the cafeteria due to some crazy food reactions, but one day I just decided to go down there and eat to get a break from some homework.  My roommate at the time came with me and we were some of the last ones to eat as the cafeteria was closing soon.  We ended up sitting down with one of her friends and his two friends, who had just woken up after a late night and they were technically eating their “breakfast”.  Mr. V was one of those guys.  I had never met him before but had noticed that he was a good looking guy, even though at the time I had a boyfriend.  Well, how things go in the tech world he found me on facebook.  This was the time when only college kids were on it.  We starting talking through aolIM (do people even do that anymore?) and one of our first “friend” outings together was to the great city of Chicago for a night out.  We walked around town and even got lost in Wisconsin, but made it back to school in the morning.  After that it was pretty obvious how great of friends we could be.  To make a long story shorter, I broke up with my  long distance boyfriend and after a little while Mr. V and I became more than just friends.  We left this school after one year and I transferred to another university and he moved as well.  We got apartments down the street from each other and got engaged.  A year later we were married.   I guess you could say we “dated” for 8 months, were engaged for 11 months, and now have been married almost 3 years. There seem to always be people who want to comment on those who meet and get married quickly, but I can’t say much.  When you know, you know.  Even though the time frame might have been short, it was filled with many conversations and topics of life.  We were prepared to be married the best we could be at our young age. But of course, it is less of how you were then, and more of how you choose to be each day following.

We had been married about 2 months in this photo.

And there you have it, the short & sweet version!



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