Everyday Mondane

Little W & her grandpa after church.. snoozing through lunch.

I think I am getting into a rut.  At first, having a baby was extremely overwhelming in general (with getting yourself back up and at-em as well).  It then gets pretty tricky, trying to find time to go to the bathroom or take a shower between feeding and changing and crying.  It then gets do-able, which is where I am now.  But the do-able part is a little frustrating.  Yes, the baby gets fed and changed and tucked in tightly for naps.  The dishes get done and the laundry gets washed, folded, and put away.  Food is made.  The cycle goes on.  It’s the CYCLE!  The cycle is what is roughing me up.  I can’t just say “I’m going to clean out the fridge today and plant some flowers and write a short story…”  I have the everyday to do and that is all I seem to have time for.  The sad thing is, although I know I am getting things done.. it feels like I get hardly ANYTHING done!  I chuckle just thinking about it.

Of course, you could be saying “Well you have time to blog”.  Yes, that is true.  I have a few minutes here to blog while I drink some tea and wait for Little W to wake up.  But what if I was half into the fridge and she woke up needing to eat?  I guess it is all about planning, and that is where I am now.

Yes, Mr. V can and does help out.  I don’t want to leave him out of the picture.  But weekends are his workdays – and they are long (since he only has 3 days on the job) so I am a single parent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  A single parent with the exception that in the mornings I see there is more laundry to do, and a cereal bowl in the sink that I did not use, and towels on the bathroom floor that I have not touched.  I guess I live with a (very handsome) ghost on the weekends!

So… I’m to the planning stage.  I am planning on ordering a Moby this week, and I think that will help with getting some things done while still holding and talking with Little W.  I never was a planner.. but here it goes.   I know that when Little W starts crawling and walking I am in for a whole new experience, so I want to get as much done as I can now and not just while she naps!

Mrs. V


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