I mentioned in my last post that I needed to plan better.  Well, here is a very quick update on how that is going.  I woke up this morning (to Little W  ready to eat) and after feeding and putting her down for a little time in her hammock chair, I got ready myself.  It only took a few minutes but in the middle of that I had to get another set of diapering supplies for Mr. V and let the dog out (and then call the dog for a few minutes because she likes to run in our neighbor’s yard).  It seems nothing can be done all at one time!

I drank some tea and started on my little list.  I started out with the normal day to day things: laundry (wash, fold/hang, put away) and dishes(which are half done from the night before but have obviously stacked up again!) and clean off the counter/sweep kitchen floor. Then I moved on to the “today” things I had decided on.  For one, Little W will be getting a bath today.  She loves her bath.  What baby doesn’t?  I then added a “clean the bathroom” since I am going to spend some time in there anyway I might as well make sure it is extra clean and do the whole bathroom. I also added getting some bills in the mail and updating our budget for the next 2 weeks.  Oh, and it is a diaper laundry day, so I will have a load of prefolds and covers to wash later in the afternoon.  If I get all of that done I am going to try to mop the kitchen/mudroom floor tonight as well.

Looking at my list I decided I could go ahead and plan out our meals!  It may sound crazy, but I do not plan meals.  I know it can be helpful, but for some reason I just don’t feel right doing that.  I like to make what sounds good.  I also like to have freedom in case I am late home from work or Mr. V has to leave… or something else comes up.  I don’t like to make plans that don’t go through, so why make the plans?!  Dotting it down the morning of sounds great to me though, so that is what I did.  I was able to go grocery shopping yesterday so we have a nice full kitchen at my disposal.

As of now, all of the clothing laundry is in the washer/dryer and we’ve already done breakfast and lunch.  Little W is taking a nap and I have already done the bills.  I don’t think that is too bad, but I know I will lose steam as the day goes on.  Lets hope this way works.  If not, I’ll find something else!

If anyone has some good tips on schedules or how they run their days, please let me know!

Mrs. V

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