I drank milk all through my pregnancy. I drank a lot of milk. A lot.  Even though my milk consumption went down some after Little W was born, I still had my fair share of milk products.  On the days I had a decent amount (say a full glass and some cereal) I noticed Little W’s fussiness got worse later in the day.  I looked up gas triggers and sure enough diary was one of them. Ugh.  I cut it out completely (along with black tea, for good measure) and since then we have had no “fussy times”. It’s nice…

Until I start craving milk, like today.  My coconut milk does not cover it.  I am wanting everything from a chocolate malt with whip cream to cottage cheese to just a tall glass of whole milk.  I know I am getting my calcium from my milk alternatives but the cravings still come.  It is hard to say no to something that isn’t even bad for you… but when 8PM rolls around a Little W is as peaceful as can be  instead of a mini drama queen extreme.. I am okay.

For now. I know there will be some form of milkshake in my dreams tonight.

Mrs. V


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