Baby vs Pup

Our precious pup, here with her “Schnoopy”

I really like our dog.  We have had her for almost two years.  We found her at our local shelter with her brothers and sisters as a puppy and decided she was the one of us.  We have no concrete idea of what breed she is, just some type of terrier mix.  She can be very loud.  She thinks she owns the entire street we live on (which gives her permission to bark at every person who walks down the sidewalk) and our neighbor’s yard.  She can be a handful.  She is also pretty sweet. She likes attention and to cuddle.  She likes Little W.  We know no one would get into the house without us hearing her bark.  She also has a ton of energy.  We don’t have a big yard and it is not fenced in so we have to hook her up to a lead if we don’t go outside with her.  She runs around our dining room table like she is in the Indy500.  She is a good dog.  She also is a chewer.  She doesn’t chew on furniture or baseboards or shoes.  She chews on anything with spit up.

She has gotten a hold of  over 20 items of Little W’s.  She pulls them out of the holes in the laundry hamper and rips them.  She sneaks away with them while we are even changing Little W.  She finds them sitting on the table/bed/dresser and pulls them down.  She only chews the spit up spots.  She has even torn up a few receiving blankets (I just cut up the in tact part to use a baby wipes.)  What a waste!  It drives me nuts and she isn’t stopping.  She knows she is doing something bad.  She runs and hides when we find the torn outfits.  She waits to do it when we aren’t looking or busy.  She won’t stop.

Now, I am no Cesar Millan.  I have tried many things to get her to stop.  Nothing seems to work. She does it knowing that it is bad. And I have had enough.  I don’t want to give her back to the shelter, and I don’t know anyone who would want a dog… but I am at my wits end.  I feel like I am just throwing away piece after piece of Little W’s clothing every day.  We close doors to rooms, move baskets, but still she finds a way to reach the clothing.  I don’t want to have to board down my home just to keep my dog away from dirty baby clothing.  That seems ridiculous.  I mean, I like my dog, but she is living in my house.

We’re at a crossroads here in the V household.  I like my pup, I like my child clothed.  I don’t want to waste money buying outfit after outfit just so my dog can chew up the sleeve or collar or the whole thing.  Has anyone else had issues with this?  My dog loves spit up. Gross.

Mrs. V


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