Money Saving Tips

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

I am quickly here going to share some of our money saving tips for this weeks “Show Us Your Life”

Mr. V and I eat home as much as possible.  Sometimes we want a treat, or I am tired from work and the day, so we get Chinese take-out or go to a diner.  We have only gone out to eat once since Little W was born though.  We find that if we spend more on groceries and make sure we are well stocked we still save more money left over than if we were to skimp on groceries.  We end up eating out more if nothing in the kitchen looks good or seems to take too much time for the moment.  We tend to make poorer decision with food money by eating out more if the kitchen only has rice.  That is just us. We also rarely buy junk food, and we don’t drink soda.

We buy our clothing at Wal-mart.  This may seem funny to some, but most of Mr. V’s clothing is from Wally World.  We always got things like underwear and socks there, but they have started carrying nicer clothing this past year here and we have found jeans, work pants, and shirts for him.  You wouldn’t even “know” they were $10 or so.  It is a little harder for me, as I don’t quite fit into the woman’s section but the juniors clothing is just too ridiculous for me to wear now.  I do like to pick up their $5 tee shirts in all different colors.  For me it is smarter to buy basics that go with many things than buy many different types of “stylish” outfits that only match one thing.  We also have bought nothing for Little W at wholesale.  There is a nice consignment shop in town that has lots of nice child’s clothing.

We cloth diaper and breastfeed Little W.  Working at a pregnancy center, I know how costly diapers and formula are.  We decided to cloth diaper awhile ago and I did a lot of research.  I am glad I did, because there is so much information out there and so many different ways to go about it!  We use high quality prefolds and diaper covers.  It is one of the cheapest ways to do it.  Yes, figuring the folding out was something we had to do, but it isn’t too hard. Mr. V does it sometimes.   The washing is so easy with prefolds too, and I wash a load every other day.  Our water bill isn’t much higher.

We don’t have “tv”.  We connected Mr. V’s computer to our television and watch free shows online.  It is pretty easy to find something to watch when there are dozens of websites that upload shows and movies.

I think that is enough for now.. It will be nice to see what others said.

Mrs. V

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  1. Visiting you from Kelly’s Korner:) We have a lot of the same money-saving lifestyles as you. We eat out a lot more as well if our kitchen pantry is running on empty..and I tend to buy cheaper clothes too!
    I haven’t given up on TV yet, and have never cloth-diapered, although I do breastfeed. Have a great night:)

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