Early Thoughts on Mother’s Day

Does anyone watch “The Middle”?  It’s a television show based on a family from Indiana.  I’m not sure what network it is on since I watch it online, but it is a pretty cute show… and living in Indiana it is funny to see what people think we are like! (Although, I should point out that we live in the northern part of the state, which is different from the south, where I think this show is set – Ha!)  Anyway, today I saw the Mother’s Day episode and it just made me laugh…  the actual differences between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.. being that the mom’s do everything for the kids on Father’s Day, but the dad’s let the kids do it all for Mother’s Day.  Interesting and hilarious concept when set to television.

This Saturday I will be taking Little W with me to the mother-daughter banquet at our church.  Last year I was able to host the “tea” we had and it went very well for such short planning.  This year I get to just be in attendance.  They split the last names up and those in the front of the alphabet get to bring a salad and those holding up the end (us) get to bring a dessert.  Well, I knew exactly what to bring when I heard that!  My mom loves coconut anything and I just saw a recipe for coconut cake HERE and knew I had to try it out!  I was able to get all the ingredients yesterday so hopefully sometime tomorrow I can get it ready.

I’ve never been one to get too excited over simple holidays (Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, Memorial Day) like Mother’s Day.  I always wished my mom well of course because I know she likes hearing how appreciative I am of her, but I never made a big fuss and doubt I will now as a mother.  If I did all I did for one day of recognition, I’d be grossly under deserved (as all mothers)!    I do what I do because I know it pleases God, and that is what it’s all about!  I love my family and try to do my best for them because it is Godly, and also puts me in a lifestyle where I have to live patiently, lovingly, selflessly (etc, etc, etc) every day – and those things build us up to be great women!  Every hardship is a chance to grow.

I’m new on this path and can’t wait to see what comes….3,5,10 years and more down the line.  I know it won’t get easier, but it will get more rewarding, and it will continue to please God!

Mrs. V


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