Children’s Names -SUYL

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Today’s Topic is “Your current/future kid’s names”

Our one daughter’s name is Willa Rose. We chose the name Willa for no other reason than that we liked it!  It is an older name and the feminine form of William. Rose was chosen because it was short and sweet, and with our last name being a long (and strong) one, we wanted a sweet beginning.  So Willa Rose it is.

If Little W  had been born a boy, his name would have been Isaac Frost.  Isaac is a name both Mr. V and I really like, and for awhile Mr. V wrote under the pen name Izaak.  Frost is Mr. V’s living grandmother’s maiden name.  She is one of his favorite people so we thought it fit.

We are not sure how many children we will have, but I love making names so I will have no lack in those!  We have another girl and boy name picked out, Audrey Jean and Thomas Wesley.  Those are the only ones we have really talked about. I’m excited to read the other names.. go over to Kelly’s Korner (click on the button) to see!

Mrs. V

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