What’s In A Name?

When I named this little corner of mine “Suddenly (a) Mom”, I was pulling from my own experience of jumping into motherhood with both feet.  I considered myself a mother right when the pregnancy test said positive, but honestly being a mom with a baby on the inside and a mom with a baby on the outside are two totally different things.

When I was pregnant I was already eating rather healthily.  I didn’t drink soda regularly (don’t want to stop drinking caffeine free root beer though) and I normally fixed healthy meals for Mr. V and myself.  We aren’t really “crunchy”, but we do try to eat what helps our bodies.  The one thing I did have to cut out was caffeine, and that was hard.  I was/(am) a BIG coffee and tea drinker.  It goes back to being a barrista for two years while in college.  I love them both.  Before I was pregnant I would drink a few cups of coffee throughout the day (whole milk, no sugar) and end my day with at least one cup of black tea.  While pregnant I got used to drinking chai at the coffee shops instead of lattes and that was fine – fast forward to now where I can’t drink either (no caffeine, no dairy, so sad).  Anyways, I saw taking care of myself as taking care of the baby, which it was.  While I was pregnant being a good mom meant being a good human.  It wasn’t that difficult.

When Little W was born, it was no longer “take care of both of us”, it was “take care of the babe, period”.  It was automatic from the first cry on.  I went on the back burner the best I could, even through all the miserable aches and pains of healing, to take care of the little one.  It was like all of a sudden I was a real mom.  There was no pause button.  No going back.  It had to be jump in feet first and don’t look behind.  We were on this journey together and alone.

I get a good glimpse of this when I am around family and it gets late in the day.  I am wearing down and we still have a drive to get home, and Little W spits up everywhere and requires a quick bath and an entire change of clothing.  For a second I sit there and think, “Is anyone going to come over here and help me?” In that pause I find myself going back to my childless roots, expecting someone else to take this responsibility off of my hands.  Then I snap back into reality, “Hey, this is my child!” And I pick her up and we head to the bathroom together.  As I clean her off she smiles and winks at me and we get to share another little mother-daughter moment. Lots of work, lots of joy.

Mrs. V


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  1. What a beautiful posting! I went through all this not so long ago (as my daughter is just 14 months old) and it makes me smile to think about going through it all over again. It’s amazing how a child can totally change your life!

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