On the Eve of Two Months

Does it bother anyone else that by the time your baby is “2 months old”, they are actually almost a week older?  It might sound silly, but I never paid attention to this until I started with the weekly updates on baby development.  Little W was born on a Sunday night.  So obviously she would turn a week older each Sunday.  Right, but wrong.  She technically will be a week older, but according to our lovely calendar she won’t be.  Her 2 month date is on a Friday this month.  It was on a Wednesday last month, and like I said earlier she was born on a Sunday night.  Ugh, I don’t know about anyone else, but that really irks me.  It makes me wonder exactly how old I really am.  I honestly wonder why we still choose to live by this calendar.  You would think with all the developments we have now we would have created our own time system. Ha.

I was able to sit at our center’s table today at a school health fair.  It has been awhile since I have been around kids so young in such a large amount, but it was  interesting to see the cliques.  I remember when I was in high school and for the most part I could see the same groups forming today.  One difference I did see was the growth of the “rocker” group, which in my day (which wasn’t that long ago) was really the “skater” group, and before that was probably the “punk” group.  It has boomed.  Also I was surprised at the amount of middle school students with facial piercings (mostly lip).  In my school you couldn’t have any face piercings, but you could have any color hair.  The high school students seemed to have leveled out some more, and everyone knows that the high school rockers are the college indies… or at least that is how it was.  I am not old enough yet to say that, right?

We have been having some crazy weather here lately.  It has been rainy and cold but today it got up to 80 degrees.  I was vacuuming the house earlier and actually broke out in a mild sweat.  It now looks like it could rain, so hopefully it does and cools everything off.  If it decides to storm I know I will be getting good rest tonight.

Well, a little of this, a little of that.

Mrs. V


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