SUYL – Favorite Books

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Today’s SUYL from Kelly’s Korner is Favorite Books!

I have two all time favorite books.  The first one is a book I had to read for a college class, “The American Novel”.  The book is Moby Dick by Herman Melville.

My second favorite book is Dune by Frank Herbert.  I was never one to read science fiction but after one lonely night of watching the Dune mini-series (4 whole disks, Mr. V was working the 3rd shift) I felt compelled to read the book.  The book is a thousand times better than the movie, but I can’t say I hate the movie because it got me to read the book.  It is a thick one with lots of information and it’s own glossary, but if you can make it through you won’t be disappointed.

As for childrens books, my first favorite book was called My Magic Telephone. It is an early reader book and I am actually surprised that I found an image of it!!

We haven’t really bought books for Little W yet, but we did get her one large Richard Scarry book, The Best Storybook Ever.  It has a lot of short little stories that are positive and teach good manners.  I remember reading them when I was little and I look forward to reading them with Little W.  I love reading and read all the time when I was little, so hopefully Little W will like to read too.  I know I have the full collection of The American Girl books in storage somewhere.

Mrs. V


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2 responses to “SUYL – Favorite Books

  1. Richard Scarry books are great for kiddos. I had forgotten all about them.

  2. Teresa

    Love, love books….A sleepless night so doing a little blog hopping….

    I have a Disney Giveaway on my main blog…Hope you will stop by.

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