We have a good little pup.  She is two years old and is a little bit bigger than a terrier.  She can be a force, very loud and playful, but also very smart and she listens well to commands.  Our neighbors to the East have 4 labs.  They are fenced in.  Their one (largest) male lab is nice all around and gets along well with our dog.  They have one female that is pretty docile and keeps to herself.  Then they have the the mother-child duo of doom.  This mother has been an issues since she had her first littler of puppies.  She is loud, she barks at everything (not a nice bark) and she growls/attempts to attack.  She has since taught her puppy (a crippled white lab that they kept) to be just as unruly.  Now, they aren’t my dogs so I honestly don’t care if they behave or not.  It is just that when they punk my dog out, it ticks me off.  I let our dog out every morning, usually off her leash because she just runs out to use the restroom and then runs back in.  Lately she has stayed on the back porch if our neighbor’s dogs are out.  She seems to not want to be involved with them.  The dogs can’t get to her, and she knows that, but once she hits the grass they go crazy.  This morning I went out with her and she still wouldn’t stay in the grass and do her business.  It was strange.  I was standing there barefoot and in pajamas in our back yard, with these two labs barking up a storm at me, and my little dog just sat at my feet or ran up to the porch.  I wanted to yell at their dogs.  I wanted to go over to the fence and give them that little Cesar Milan “jab” to tell them who is boss.  But they are not my dogs.  Needless to say I was ticked.  I hate the idea of my dog feeling punked in her own yard. Has anyone had an issue like this before?  Sometimes she goes down and minds her own business, but other times she doesn’t want to get close to the other dogs so ends up “holding it in” and having an accident in the house.  Frustrating!

Mrs. V


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