Going Medical (Part 1): What is a CPC?

What is a Crisis Pregnancy Center?  Sometimes they are called Pregnancy Resource Centers.  Other times they are referred to as “those fake planned parenthood centers” by those that don’t really know what they offer.  I can not speak for every CPC out there, but I can tell you about ours and what we do.  Our center is a place in the community where families can come and get needed supplies.  We carry diapers, wipes, and formula.  We have a fully stocked clothing room for children sizes newborn to 2t.  We have a full room of information about STD’s, birth control, parenting, adoption, and abortion.  We have consultants on hand that can assist with free pregnancy tests and counseling.  We have an abortion recovery group. We have a sexual integrity program. We support a teen MOPS group.  We do ‘Earn While You Learn’ classes in which families can watch videos, do homework, and earn car seats and cribs.  We are a place that has information.

We are pro-life. We do not pressure.  We do not judge.  We are not forcing anyone to come in our doors or to stay.  Unfortunately certain social groups make CPCs look like the bad guys.  Like we won’t give the clients all the facts.  It is actually the opposite.  We give all the facts. All of them.  Then they make the decision.  I know I can’t speak for every CPC out there, but I can speak for the one where I work.  I can say how I treat those coming in.

This is how I see it.  I have been around unplanned pregnancy for awhile.  I had three girl friends in high school.  Two of them got pregnant their senior year.  I had two room mates in college.  One of them was pregnant when she arrived and actually kept it from me until after the baby was born.  She almost got kicked out of school. (That story is for another time.)  My younger brother’s son was born one month after his wedding, and a week before his and his wife’s high school graduation.  I have been there.  Maybe not physically, but as a friend and sister.

I do not walk into work planning on changing anyone.  I am there for support.  I am there to listen.  I am there to equip young women, young men, and families with knowledge, so that they can make a positive choice.  It is their choice to make.  When you think about it, what young woman can honestly say, “Yes, I wanted this unplanned pregnancy, because I really wanted an abortion.” None.  It is not a goal.  It is looked  as the ‘lesser of all evils’, so to speak.  We as a center are never against the women or their choices.  We are against ignorance and lies.  These women need to be equipped with knowledge, support, and love.  They need to be heard and their feelings understood.  We are looking for a relationship.

Part of giving these women more information is transforming into a medical clinic.  This involves having the option of receiving a free ultrasound.  It is a big step in a new direction.  We as a center are just starting out, and I am looking forward to chronicling the journey.

Mrs. V

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