The V’s Chili Soup

Alright, this is the first time I have put a recipe on here.. I believe online ever!  I am going to participate in Tempt My Tummy Tuesday and share a meal we have ALL THE TIME.  It is easy and quick and it can last us a few days (since there are only two of us eating!)   I should note that I use canned ingredients for this recipe.  I rarely use them otherwise so I just let it slide for the factor that it makes it simple and quick.  As of right now I believe that most canned foods are still sealed in their cans with plastic that contains BPA, so please choose your canned foods wisely! (If this has changed let me know!)

Our Chili Soup

1.5 pounds of ground turkey

1 glass jar of tomato sauce

1 glass jar of cut tomatoes (Or if you have it, two “canned” jars of tomatoes from the garden)

1 can of chili beans (We use medium or hot style)

1 can of pinto beans

A quarter worth size of spaghetti noodles, broken in half

Chili powder

In a soup pot brown the turkey.  I use 85/15 grade and it gives a nice flavor.  Season the browned meat with a little salt and pepper if wanted.  Add the beans and tomatoes.  Add the one can of tomato sauce and then fill the can up with water once and dump it in as well. Add your chili seasoning.  I always eyeball it. Let it come to a boil and then lower the temperature some.  Add the broken in half noodles and continue to cook until they are done.  You can then let it sit on warm to meld together or eat it right then.  This recipe isn’t too spicy but has just enough heat for us.  We eat it with crackers and a bit of shredded cheese on top.  It is great for cold days.

Mrs. V


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2 responses to “The V’s Chili Soup

  1. Susan McCurdy

    I will try the chili next week. It’s still so cold (to me) here in the Midwest that chili works in May! I enjoyed reading some of your post. Can you make the print bigger for us oldies? : )

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