When Everyone’s Sick (But the Hubby)

I am coming out of the fog.

On Saturday afternoon Little W started showing signs of nasal drainage (sorry for the mental picture) and kept swallowing and coughing.  I felt fine for the most part and just watched her as the night went on.  That night when Mr. V got home from work I started feeling a little “under the weather” and Little W started wheezing some in her sleep.  That night was tough because I didn’t want to fall asleep with her wheezing a bit so I didn’t sleep well.  The next day I was feeling pretty rotten with a runny nose, sinus pressure and headache.  Little W was starting to cough and sneeze some, but was still her happy self.  Mr. V came home early and that night was hard on me (physically) but Little W didn’t wheeze once and slept for the most part fine.  Monday rolled around and I was really feeling the sickness.  I went through a few rolls of toilet paper blowing my nose.  I didn’t leave the couch.  Mr. V bought me some chicken wings to cheer me up.

It seems as Little W has gotten gradually healthier, I have gotten gradually sicker.  I know this is because I have spent more energy on her than myself, but what else am I supposed to do?  Today I am starting to see out of the sickness cloud, and she seems to be a-ok, with just a little runny nose now and then.  Mr. V hasn’t fully dodged this one though, because he felt somewhat icky yesterday and has been bumming around the house on his day off.

I should start this off by saying that I very rarely get sick.  I cannot remember the last time I got actually sick.  It was a few years ago I believe.  I usually take care of myself and if I feel a little down and out I am better by the next morning.  This being the first time I had been sick in a long time, I was not prepared.  That and I had a little two month old that was also feeling a bit ill to take care of!

Tips for when you (and possibly your little one) get sick: AKA ‘Things I learned the hard way’

1.  Sleep. I usually am the first one to tell you the importance of sleep.  I know how much a sick body needs it to get better.  But between checking on the little one to finding out where the dog is under the covers, I was getting very little sleep.  Add in nursing and that stress insomnia of the entire situation, and you will wake up worse than you went down.

2. Have Frozen Meals. My hubby is a pretty good guy, but he does not cook.  He looks in the kitchen and doesn’t know where to start to make a meal.  We ordered out twice while  I was sick, and didn’t have much of a choice.  I was in no shape to go and make a meal.  It was easiest to order something and so that is what we did.  We obviously could have kept the cash but I will know better for next time.. have a couple frozen meals in the freezer!

3. Tell Your Hubby What You Need. This was my biggest lesson.  I was trying to still be the caretaker of the household when I needed to take care of myself more.  By the third day of my sickness (and some prompting from Mr. V) I realized that yes, I could ask him to watch Little W for a few hours while I slept in.  He could take care of her and bring her to me when she got hungry.  It didn’t make me a lazy wife and mother.  I was sick.  He wanted to know what he could do, and I had to tell him!

Mrs. V


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