Filling Up

I am an introvert. No, that does not mean I am shy.  It is not hard for me to make friends.  I do not hate going outside my home.  I am not a hermit.  Being an introvert means I get energized by being alone.  I need to fill up with time to myself, be that while reading, writing, or just sitting out in a lawn chair basking in the summer sun.  (Being an extrovert, you would fill up being around other people, and being alone would drain your tank.)  Since Little W was born I have had to change the way I fill up throughout the day.  I can’t just sit down when I need a break and read a book, or go out and sunbathe just yet.  I like how Michelle Duggar (of the 19 Kids and Counting fame) puts it, “The baby is my buddy until it is weaned, then it becomes whoever needed a buddy’s buddy. ” Meaning that her and the baby are never far apart.  That is how I see my relationship to Little W as of now.  She needs to be my buddy (if nothing more than for a meal at that particular moment) and my buddy can’t sunbathe for hours and drink sweet tea while finishing up a novel.  She is time sensitive, so I have to be too.

Is there anything cuter than a little babe dressed in fresh white?  This is actually Little W a few moments ago.  She has decided to wake up and wiggle and talk.  Already my time has been cut shorter!

Part of my fill up has always been reading the Bible.  Awhile ago I decided to read the New Testament thoroughly.  I never really had.  I have always been a big studier of the Old Testament and decided I should keep going, getting through those all-to-well-known books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John…

But, I had a child.

I admit my reading the Bible as of late has been practically non-existent.  I picked it up from the floor beside my bed a few days ago and started back up.  But where to start?  I couldn’t quite remember where I left off, and would I really remember everything I had read prior (for good context)?  I had to try, just to start somewhere.  I needed to be filled up! I used to read the Bible to Little W while she was in my tummy (King James Version and all) so why do I need to stop now?  Besides, how comical would it be if her first full sentence is in Old English?  Instead of ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ she said, “thou art my mother and father”.  Okay, I digress.

I would love to join a group like The Good Morning Girls and have actual set aside quiet morning time.  But with my little buddy, I know that consistent morning time could be hard.  For me right now it has to be not when I do it, but that I do it.  I need to consistently fill myself up!

Those with many children or little babes, how did you balance this part of your life?  Even if you don’t have children you still have temptations that take over the day.  What worked for you?

Mrs. V


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