What You Think Would Empty Me Out, Actually Fills Me Up!

Does anyone else love serving?

(This is where you are free to laugh.)

I guess the better way to say that is Does anyone love serving when you are filled up to the brim?  Filled with energy, love, and joy?  Everything just seems so much easier.  It is easier to go that extra mile.  It is easier to get the whole house spic and span.  And the great thing is, serving doesn’t empty the tank… it fills it up more!

That doesn’t mean I always love serving others (aka: God).  When I am not in the mood (half tank) or exhausted (lack of sleep plus low tank) the last thing I want to do is go tackle the dishes in the sink.  And trust me, sometimes we get a decent pile of dishes in the sink.  We as women set the tone of our households.  Our families rely on us to make their home and haven for Godliness, learning, and rest.  But, in order to serve thoroughly in this area we need our tanks to be filled up.

It is a common belief in most lifestyles, I hear it used in many different ways. The woman says, “I have to take care of myself before I can take care of ________.”  Unfortunately this is often used as an excuse to not do something they know is their responsibility (ex: take care of children, pay the electric bill, love on their husband, reunite with their mother, etc.).   Let me say this right now, not being filled up is no excuse for passing responsibility. Sometimes we are down and tired, but we still need to do our best to take care of those things given to us.  We still need to act as Christ-like as possible.  What I am saying is that when we are filled up, we enjoy serving more.  We have lots of energy!  We naturally look at our husbands and kids with smiles and excitement.  We become the queen of our domain.

It is easy for me to get filled up while working outside the home.  Every time I do something good, I get praise (from other workers, a boss, a client…)  Praise is a natural booster.  It builds up our confidence and a confident woman is a hard working woman who prides herself in what she does.  I also get things done.  The checklist of the day gets completed (practically) every day.  You do what you have to do and you leave.  You see that letter get mailed out, or that client leave the center.  As women we are natural multitaskers and schedule makers and list takers.  We want to see what we have done and still need to do!   I also get to dress and look nice when I go to work.  I have to make my appearance professional.  I feel better just doing my hair in the morning and putting on some mascara.  So when I go to work I get fully ready (boost), get praise from others at my tasks (boost), and get things done (boost).

How do we get filled while we are working at home?  Does it need to be much different?  Do we get ready fully in the morning before we start with the laundry and dishes and scrubbing the tub?  Do we hear praise from our husband for putting the toothpaste back in the jar every time he leaves it on the sink?  Do we feel accomplished at the end of the day when the laundry pail isn’t empty and the sink still collects spoons? Do we take working at home as seriously as we do working outside of the home?

Here is a short list of things that fill me up:

A bright, warm summer day

Going out to eat with my husband and talking

Writing letters to loved ones

Knowing I look attractive to my husband in the outfit I am wearing

Laughing with my daughter

Dancing in the kitchen

If we balance our day with communion with God, those little personal things that fill us up, and serving, we should be working joyfully at full capacity. It is not going to happen every day, but it can be a goal and it can be achieved!  We can joyfully serve and not tire in the process!

I don’t know about you, but when I stay in pajama bottoms all day I get nothing done. I have had quite a few of those days in my life.

What are some of the things that fill you up?  Do you personally find yourself more eager to serve when you are filled with communion with God and those simple boosts?

Mrs. V

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