“Who is your role-model?”

That question was always somewhere on every important sheet of paper I filled out in school.  I scoffed at the question, always thinking “I don’t want to be like anyone else, just myself.”  If I had to break down and put something, it was usually my parents, because they were good people and I looked up to them.  But did I want to be them? Not really.

Fast forward to last year.  I am counseling at the center and girl after girl ask me questions I figured they already knew the answers to.  I couldn’t help but wonder, Who is teaching these girls? Why don’t they know x,y, and z? It aggravated me that no one took the time to teach them about their purpose, their bodies, and their importance.  Because honestly, if someone isn’t worth your time, then they are getting a good picture of what their (earthly) worth is.  And if these young women arn’t feeling worthy of time, they probably aren’t feeling very worthy of anything.

This is when I got on my soapbox and made a commitment to live intentionally.

Women, take care of each other! The older women are commanded to teach the younger women how to act.  The younger women should treat those older with respect and listen to them.  The average role-models for young ladies today are not solid support systems.  They are far away (usually dolled up or fake) ideas of women.  Why isn’t the role model the woman of character downstairs making dinner?  We need to step up our game ladies, because we watch each other.  We pay attention to other women and how they live.  And our young ladies are looking too.  Why not encourage each other and pass on the wisdom of time?

I am blessed to have a few Godly women in my life.  Most of them don’t even “teach” (or preach) to me.  These older women just live, and I watch them care for those around them.  I watch them show kindness to me and my family.  I pay attention, because these women have something that I want to have!  They make being a graceful and kind woman desirable.

So, my plea to all those ladies out there is to live intentionally.  Be an example.

(Do not take this as “try to be perfect”.  Go for honest living, not perfect living.)

Mrs. V

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  1. Mrs. Peter

    I’ve been contemplating this very idea. When I was feeling overwhelmed with newborn twins and three small children there were older women in the church who came to my house to help me care for my home and children. I learned alot just from watching them, and I told myself that this is how it should be done. Women caring for other women. Teaching by example and care. My home has been better for they’re help. Thanks for your post.

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