Green Goodness

I’ve been asked many times to give out my green smoothie recipe.  We don’t have a big grocery budget so my green smoothies are pretty basic.  I usually use filtered water, kale, baby spinach, frozen fruit, and an orange.  If we are really tight on money that week, I go with filtered water, kale, and frozen strawberries.  Kale is very cheap here and it is a great green that I highly recommend.  It has a very strong “greens” taste when it is raw, so I would recommend that you start out with a small amount of kale (and use more spinach or just fruit) to get used to the taste.  At first I made smoothies with more fruit (about 70% fruit, 30% greens) and then slowly moved it a majority of greens.  Just be careful if you plan on doing this every day that you don’t always use spinach, as it can become toxic in your body in large daily amounts.

I do not have a fancy blender (although I would love it if I had it) and I can still make smooth drinks.  I start off with my water and greens.  I let those blend for awhile.  I usually blend a handful or two and wait until they are juiced, then add another handful.  Once you have your great green base I eyeball some frozen fruit from the fridge (usually berries) and peel a whole orange and throw it in.  If we have apples I might throw a cored one in as well.  I blend it all together and soon enough you have a nice smoothie.  It is easiest to drink it through a straw, and once it is in your mouth “chew” it some.  Your saliva will start to break down the smoothie and then you will get the best from it.  I usually “chew” it until it is no longer cold.

There are lots of different recipes out there.  Some people add bananas (Mr. V likes that better, but I don’t) or more fresh fruit instead of the frozen.  Since it is now summer I plan on doing this as well.  Here are some links that helped me out when I started drinking green smoothies.

Making Green Smoothies Clip

Here is a vegan-raw blog that has a whole section on Green Smoothie goodness: Happy Foody

Another thing I had an issue with while buying ingredients for my smoothies was if I should buy organic.  Not all organic items are equal.  With greens, it is best to get organic (or even better, from your own (or a friend’s) garden) since we eat what is in direct contact with pesticides.  A few other fruits that are considered the most contaminated (non-organic) are strawberries, cherries, apples, imported grapes from Chile, red raspberries, peaches, pears and apricots.  Some fruits that are the least contaminated (non-organic) are bananas, kiwi, mango, papaya and pineapple. Use your judgment on what you can afford and what you like better. Also if you buy frozen fruit that is organic it won’t be as sweet as the cheaper brands and you will notice it in your smoothie if you switch!  Apples are the best for adding sweetness, so just add an apple to those less sweet organic frozen fruits.

Enjoy the sweetness!

Mrs. V



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3 responses to “Green Goodness

  1. Tes

    Fresh fruits and vegetables are so good to health. Sometimes I question myself if I have enough veggies on my diets. I think I have to search for more veg- recipes for my family. Thanks for sharing.

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