Going Medical (Part 2): Why Volunteers Are Your Most Important Asset

If you missed the first part of my chronicling our CPC to medical clinic status, read What is a CPC? You could also click on the Going Medical tag to get every post about this!

Before we decided to jump into the dark unknown abyss of clinic status, we first needed to make sure everyone was on board.  The board of directors, for example, had to approve of everything, including the first major step- saying,  “Let’s do this.”

The biggest concern for many was the cost.  We are not-for-profit, so besides donations and maybe a grant here or there we get nothing else.  Many questions were raised. How would we get enough money for the ultrasound machine?  How about insurance?  How will we pay those to use it?  Where do we even start?!

The biggest concern was obviously money.  It takes money to run the center.  It will take more money to run a clinic.  There will be new staff, new positions, and of course new insurance!  All of those things cost us money.  We did a fundraiser.  We talked around the town.  People got excited.  Money was raised.  But let me tell you, money should never be your biggest concern.  Money can be saved and collected and brought in.  What you need to focus on is volunteers.

Our center has the funds available to move forward now.  It only took us about a year.  And we are thankful for each and every person who donated to the cause.  We are so glad they gave.  But money can be saved, and it has been sitting in the bank because we need volunteers.  We need nurses that will give of their time.  We need a doctor who will check ultrasounds from his email at work.  We need people with a passion for the cause.

Passion is the hardest thing to raise.  It has to start from the core of the purpose (in this case, our center board and staff) and then filter through to the volunteers, those who already donate money, their churches, their families, etc.  If people are passionate about the cause, funds will be raised.  But funds can be raised without enough people passionate about the cause.  You have got to get the town buzzing about what you are doing! You have to make people say to themselves, “I want to be a part of that!”

I trust that if we are to succeed God will bring those we need to the center.  They will be willing servants and ready for the cause.  But I also know that we shouldn’t sit on our bottoms and wait.  We need to get out there! Talk it up around the town!  We need to let people know who we are, what we do, what we are going to do, and how they can help out.  If we at the core are not passionate about the cause, no one else will be either.

So, if you are in any service were people volunteer, thank them!  They make the place run.  They are the steam behind the doors opening and closing.  They are important.  They are needed!!

Mrs. V


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