Time goes quickly, then you find yourself married and on your own.  It slows down for a moment, just so you can get your feet wet.  Before you realize it, you’ve been working and married for two years (two places, three cars, four jobs) and get a dog.  Time slows as you pick up it’s unmentionables and find chewed up shoes.  You then find yourselves expecting a little one of your own making, and time once again sends you quickly through months of picking out this and receiving that.  It slows down just when you’d like it to speed up, somewhere between the 6 and 7 centimeter, and soon enough you’ve got something new to have and hold.  You care and wash and comfort and time now has no meaning, until the day you sit with your beloved on the couch, with the babe tenderly sleeping in her swing, and cuddle and talk and feed each other cookies.  Time decided to take a break, to let you sink into married life,  because before you hear that sweet babe whimper and it is on to other things, time will be at your heels.


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