SposoEasy Review

Little W in her pink SposoEasy

I started out Little W on prefolds and covers.  I love prefolds and covers.  They are easy, especially if you get a cover that accommodates tri-folding (a wrap cover) and is trim on the sides.  Originally I thought I would pin my diapers but with Thirsties Duo covers there is no need because they are so trim and everything stays in place.  We rotate 5 covers and it works great with washing every other day (sometimes two days between, and we are still on top of it).  When I needed to buy some more covers (the dog got a hold of two, ugh) I went ahead and bought two AIO’s to try out.  They were around $16 each on Green Mountain Diapers (which I highly recommend)  so I wasn’t spending too much.  Enter the SposoEasy!

The SposoEasy is great because it is all cotton.  I don’t like anything but cotton.  It washes easily. It dries easily. It doesn’t get stinky. (I use Charlie’s Soap, which I have heard if used on synthetics they will not stink either- but I do not know this first hand.)  Cotton is just awesome.  Even though it is pretty easy to put on a folded diaper and strap on a cover, all in ones are ridiculously easy.  If I had an unlimited budget for diapers, I would probably buy a majority of SposoEasy all-in-ones.  That is how much they rock.

It holds a good amount of liquid for being so thin (cloth diaper thin, not disposable diaper thin), and I believe some of that is because of the built in soaker.  I’ve left it on her overnight a few times (9pm-6am) and even though it is saturated by morning, it does not leak.  It also fits well.  I don’t find red marks on Little W after wearing it and she seems comfortable. As you can tell in the picture, she is a big 3 month old and has chunky thighs.  Still no red marks!  When using two products in cloth diapering, it can be difficult to get a perfect fit with both the diaper and the cover.  With this being all together, it is easy.  It also helps now that Little W is a wiggly mess, and I can get this diaper on in a snap.  With this I would say I recommend the aplix version, but not the snaps.  We got one of each to try out and the snaps is just a pain.  It is hard to find the fit that works best, and I feel like I am squishing her belly just to get the fit right.  The aplix is MUCH easier and there are hidden wash tabs so I have had no trouble with the stickiness yet.

We have had them in use for about two months and I can say that they are worth the cost!  Little W is in a size small and it will fit her for quite a bit longer.  I am hoping to be able to buy a few each new growth cycle to have on hand.  Whenever I get back from work Little W is always in a SposoEasy, Mr. V prefers them.

(As of right now they are about $19 a piece.  I do not know for sure if they went up in price or I caught them during a sale.)

Mrs. V


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