Teach Your Babies About Jesus

Yesterday I had to go into the office for an hour to write up checks.  I had swiped an old Christian cd from my childhood while I was at my parents’ over the holiday weekend.  I put it gingerly in my computer and let the old 90’s sound of R&B flood through my work speakers.  I hadn’t listened to the cd in years.  I am thinking more than 5.  It is funny, how we as  humans can remember all the words to songs we haven’t heard in quite awhile rather easily.  There is something that connects us to words and emotions put to music.  Music is a powerful tool.  If you don’t believe me, watch an intense movie scene on mute.

I was singing along with these songs, which I had heard many times in my life and knew all the words to.  I actually had to stop during one song and listen to what I was singing.  When I was younger, these songs were the songs I was allowed to listen to.  They were the ones I preferred because I could listen to them and they were cool.  Now I was listening and the meaning blew me away.  I was singing the words for the thousandth time but I was hearing the words in my soul for the first.  I got it.  The wisdom of time spent in communion with God had made me sensitive to these words, where as when I was younger I was not.  I was relating on a whole other level.  It brought tears to my eyes.

Even though I was not a babe when I listened to this album, I became a Christian at the young age of 6.   The household I lived in listened to Christian music, therefore I learned the words and heard the songs.  I was surrounded by things that I could not fully understand as a young girl but soaked them in.  I soaked everything in, even if I didn’t understand how important (or unimportant) it was.  I was singing truth before I understood fully what that meant to me, and that was wonderful.  I cannot begin to repay the blessings I have received by having Christian parents.

I know many that are my age who have the idea that they shouldn’t teach their children about God or any specific religion, because their children should have the “freedom”.  I beg of you, teach your children about Jesus.  Give them the fundamentals of life, the reason for living.  As a previous child, I know the importance of speaking and showing truth.  The greatest gift a parent can give is truth. Maybe one day your babe will be sitting in their car during rush-hour and an old Bible verse or hymn will creep into their mind (that you, their mother, sang so sweetly to them as a child) and they will grow as a Christian.  They will add another layer to their filter on life, because they knew that truth all along and just realized how relevant it truly is.

Mrs. V

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