Well, It Happened.

I accidentally hurt Little W.  I was clipping her finger nails, like I do twice a week… and you can guess the rest.  I really don’t want to relive it.  The top of her little thumb bled some but stopped before she ate her last meal and went to bed last night.  I had never heard her pain cry until then. (When she got her PKU heel prick on her third day of life outside, she only whimpered for a moment and was fine.)   It just made that little spot deep inside me ache.

I know that pain is part of living in finite skin.  I just don’t want to think of myself as someone who will hurt my child, only as the comforter when they hurt.  I guess it is a step all mothers must take, but I am so glad she has acted as if nothing happened today.

Mrs. V

And yes, I Googled all about it after the matter was handled.


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