4 Months

In the world of corn fields and cow tipping, one week surpasses them all.  Fair week.  I have and will be working every day this week, either at our center or at our fair booth.  I like the fair, I used to show horses when I was younger and I always enjoyed the lemon shake-ups.  It is a little different running a booth though, and since I have to “open” and “close” a few nights this week, that means less time with Little W.

We have a Precious Baby Photo Contest, which people put money in little glass jars that correspond to the photo of the precious baby they would like to promote.  All of the proceeds go to the center, and the precious winner gets a basket full of goodies and a $100 savings bond.  It is not a “cute” baby contest.  And yes, those with more money and more relatives win.  But it is to help support the center, and since we run on donations from the community, it is all about people helping people in the end.  Besides, it is so cute to look at all the little babies!  Little W is even up there, although she can’t win the prize.

Little W has mastered the back to front roll, and now does it constantly.  This is only bad when she does it after she has just eaten, and she spits up all over herself.  For some reason she finds this funny, because she always starts laughing when I clean up her face.  At least she has a good sense of humor.  She is trying right now to go from front to back, but only makes it about half way.  She also is attempting to army crawl, though I know she still has awhile to go before she is scooting along.  She sits decently well, but still topples over if someone isn’t here to rest a finger or two on her.  She needs a little support.

I was able to read a book a few days ago.  I finished it in 2 days, which means that I spent most of Little W’s nap time reading.  I can do that too easily so I have decided to take a few days rest before starting my other book.  The two books I got were The Duggars: 20 and Counting! and Womanly Dominion.  I finished the Duggar book first and I thought it was an interesting and easy read.  I really like what I know of their family and think they are good stewards of what they have been given.  Mr. V actually read some of Womanly Dominion when I was at work Monday and said he got almost 40 pages into it.  That surprised me, since usually he doesn’t read the “woman audience” books I buy.  He said he really liked what it was saying.  I will write up a review when I finish.  I am also still in my Perspectives of Contraception book, which is turning out to be really good, but not a particularly “easy read”.

Here is Little W (who is obsessed with her feet now) listening to her daddy read. She is practically 4 months in the picture.

Mrs. V

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