A Simple Life

What kind of person are you when plans change?  Are you someone who jumps on an opportunity, or do you hold back?  We each have a natural response, I believe that comes from a mixture of our personality and upbringing.  But what about the response of a Christian, one who truly lives for God with one sole purpose to serve, and trust that with their life?

The older I get, the more simple I become.  We like to complicate life.  It is simple.  We like to complicate our relationship with God.  It is simple.  The core is always simple.  We can fuss and carry on about the depth of understanding, but there is peace in the simple answer.

When we see our lives in simple sentences, it becomes easy to make decisions.  To go. To stay.  To be a light.  To be salt.  To know that we will not be alive one second longer or shorter than when God deems it.  Truly.

I lift my eyes onto the hills, where does my help come from?  My help comes from the  the Lord, the maker  of heaven and earth.

Mrs. V


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One response to “A Simple Life

  1. Aunt K

    Hey Ari,

    Enjoyed your writing…and so true…

    Have a wonderful, “uncomplicated” day as you lift up your eyes!

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