A New Set of Dipes

We are on our next set of cloth diapers!  I switched things up a bit, and am ready to review my new findings.  As previously mentioned, we started out Little W in green edge prefolds (Chinese DSQ, from Nicky’s Diapers) and Thirsties Duo covers in size one.  I was planning on continuing with the prefold and cover method, since it has worked out so well and is the most economical.

I stuck with that method, but switched up the brands.  Instead of going with the blue edge standard prefolds, I got the red edge Cloth-eez prefolds from GMD.  They are Indian cotton and I could tell a difference after the first wash.  They are SO MUCH softer.  They are also as wide as the blue edge but shorter, so I don’t need to fold down the top for Little W, since she is only in medium covers.  I am so pleased with these prefolds that I will continue on with the other sizes as Little W grows.  I will say though, my green edge are in almost perfect shape even after much use from the babe, and I am happy with how they held up and will use them on our next baby (if we are given another one).

As for covers, I decided to try both the Bummis Whisper Wrap and the Super Brite.  Even though I was happy with the Thirsties Duo, I felt that Little W could use more leg room.  Thirsties seem to sit lower on the thigh and I wanted as much range of motion as possible.  Little W is around 16 pounds, so she is on the lower weight end for the mediums, but she has a tall rise and they fit her great.  I have to say, I love both of the new covers.  They fit higher on her thigh and even though the sides are wider, they still accommodate tri-folding wonderfully.  I have had no leaks or blow-outs (but I never had leaks or blow-outs with Thirsties, either).  I also like how Bummis put the tag on the outside of the diaper, where Thirsties had it in the inside back and after a night of diaper wearing the tag was usually wet.  Not a deal breaker, just a nice bonus.

I went with 2 dozen prefolds instead of 3 this time and we haven’t had any trouble.  I still can wash every other day and be fine.  We also only got 3 covers (and a special night time nylon pant for better range of motion) and have had no trouble.

I thought there would be a big difference between the Whisper Wrap and the Super Brite but there really isn’t.  The Super Brite’s leg gussets are not as deep as the Thirsties’ ones and don’t leave red marks on Little W’s chunky thighs.  The Whisper Wrap has no leg gussets but it still sits well on the thigh and nothing comes out.  Even though Little W is at the low weight end the leg elastic is snug but not tight.  Also I don’t see that big of a difference whether the cover has exposed PUL or not.  We are used to it being on the babe’s skin because of using Thirsties, but honestly the Whisper Wrap isn’t much different.  It also does not hold in odors like I expected it to since it had a cloth inner.  I am not a “wipe clean” wrap person anyways. I always wash mine in the machine regardless because of all the little seams and bindings.

So all in all I am very pleased with our new prefolds and cover choice.  If you are wondering what kind of prefolds to buy, I would say scrounge for a bit more money and buy the Cloth-eez brand.  The Chinese DSQ prefolds work great but are not as soft or as easy to fold as the Cloth-eez brand.  They also will require the “fold-down” for smaller size rises.  From my experience they both hold the same amount of liquid (my green edge were 4-8-4).  I liked having the Thirsties Duo in size one when Little W was growing fast and we only had to buy one cover instead of newborn and small.  Now that she is more mobile I am liking the higher cut of the Bummis and the fact that there are no snaps on the front to bother her.  The Bummis also seem to have stronger aplix, which is good but I have to be careful not to scratch Little W during changes.

I’ll try to get some pictures up in a few days so maybe the fit difference can be seen.

Mrs. V


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