Biting Babes

So, we are fully in this season of teething.  Little W has two little bottom teeth and they are oh so adorable. And can be oh so painful.  In all honesty, she has only got me good once or twice while nursing.  I went on many discussion boards to see what others had recommended for this period and was disappointed that many of them weren’t much help.  My goal was not to stop nursing just because I might get bit, not to find a reason to switch to the bottle full time.

So far I have just been very careful watching her eat, and when she even starts to seem a little more “playful” than hungry, I watch for the “I’m about to start chewing!” face.  The only problem with this is I don’t want to stop nursing before she is fully done.  I’ve never taken her off before she was good and ready, so it feels weird for me to call those shots now.  A few other times when she has started to chop down, I just put my finger on her two little teethies and said softly, “No, no” or “Let’s not do that, okay?”  I know she can’t understand me, but she does realize that I am stopping the mommy as a chew toy process.

I know this is just the beginning, so I ask any of you seasoned mothers of teething babies to send me any advice if you have it.  I remember how it was the first few weeks of nursing,  when I dreaded it.  I have enjoyed it so much since then. The last thing I want is to go back to those days of watching the clock in anxiety, this time in fear of being bit badly once again.

Mrs. V


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2 responses to “Biting Babes

  1. Yes, it does hurt and I think your response is the best. Just put your finger in there and make sure she is looking you in the eye and so “no, no. That hurts mommy.” You do a great job! She won’t do that forever hopefully. I nursed each of my kids (except Joseph) until they weaned themselves basically. (Most around 12-14 months). She understands more than she can convey at this point. (IMHO)

  2. Ah, the joys of teething. You seem to be doing a great job at stopping her from biting. I do agree with Sue that they understand a lot more than they can tell you at that age.

    Idea #1

    On of the best things for helping her feel better is using a thin piece of clean (:-)) cotton cloth, or linen and wrapping it around your index finger and just giving her a good rub on her gums. Or use a small piece of ice wrapped double in the cloth. One other thing I used to do was buy some new small washcloths and soak them in water, rang them out and put them in a baggie in the freezer. When our little ones were hurting with teething pain, we would take on out let them chew on it for awhile. This helped alleviate some of the pain too.

    A doctor told me once that we as adults would not be able to stand the pain of teething now and that God in His wisdom had it happen when we are young. Teething is no fun but yea that we have teeth!! Sometimes we have to suffer a little to go on to the next stage of life.

    Great blog by the way, you sound like a “kindred spirit”

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