First Foods

This is the beginning of our journey in Baby Led Weaning.  Little W’s first food was none other than a favorite of mine, avocado!  We shared one, although I believe that most of hers got everywhere  but her mouth.  That is fine by us, since this is all a learning experience.  We could already tell a difference from when she first tried to hold and eat the avocado chunks to when she was finished.  She had figured a way to hold it without it slipping through her little fingers.  She was most interested in the different textures (the soft insides and the rough dark skin).  She would hold it and turn it back and forth, checking it out.  She seemed to be thinking  “Why are these different?”  It was very funny to watch.  We sat on the floor and had dinner with her (but we added chicken to our plate) and she really seemed to enjoy that.  Since all of Little W’s nutrition comes from breast milk still, we will be experimenting with avocado for the next few days or so and then move on to another (probably carrots.. we eat a lot of those).

For some more basic information on Baby Led Weaning you can visit these sites.

Baby Led

Passionate Homemaking’s Feeding Baby Naturally Post

These sites explain some of the most basic principals and answer the most frequent questions pertaining to this method of feeding.  Enjoy!


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