Turning Quiet Time Into (Most of) My Time

Awhile ago I was writing about filling myself up with the Bible.  It was hard for me to find a nice quiet time, since I had a baby still waking throughout the night to eat.  I attempted to do my best “6AM” study time with hot tea… but that did not last very long.  I was tired.  I was anxious (Was the baby going to wake up? What if I don’t have enough time to get ready before she does?  What if I crash at 2PM? My mood will be shot!).  I went back to reading whenever I could, ahem.. when I thought about it and actually did it.

Little W takes two good sized, same time-same place naps every day now.  It frees up time for me to do the dishes and other things like blogging or watching a TV show on the computer.  As I was mopping the floor earlier I thought, What if I started my quiet time again, during this morning nap? I am much more comfortable in knowing what I can do while she is sleeping now, so I should be able to really unwind and study.  But then I thought something else. Why on earth am I trying to make time for quiet time with the Bible? Shouldn’t I be trying to make time for other, less important things?  I mean, I don’t make time to talk to God through prayer.  I do it all the time, whether I am folding laundry or driving in the car. (Maybe I can even find a digital version of the Bible to listen to?)

So this is a challenge that I am putting on myself.  For the next week (starting tomorrow, Sunday 9/12), any time I have free Mrs. V time (time I would usually spend on Facebook, or watching a show, or …reading another book) I am first going to go to my Bible.  I am going to use my free time there.  I am going to read and think and journal those thoughts.  Then, when my duties are once again calling my name, I will put those items away for the next time.  I want to see exactly how much time I spend doing other things for myself, when I could be reading the Bible (which is better for myself).  I know at first it will be a bit of a struggle to get started, but my hope is that by the end of the week I will naturally go to my Bible in personal quiet times.

I am not saying hoard yourself in your study and don’t come out until you need to make dinner.  I am going to do everything I usually do; play with my daughter, cuddle with my husband, take the dog to the park.  But when I get those brief times where I can do something alone, just for myself, I will pick up my Bible first instead of my laptop.  I will not be totally away from this blog or from email, but I hope that my time is drastically cut because I am thoroughly engrossed in the words of God.

If you would like to take a challenge somewhat like this with me, feel free to let me know! We can be an encouragement to each other this week.  I am going to tell my husband, so if he sees me reach for something other than my Bible (by habit, hopefully) during my evening hours of relaxation, he can kindly remind me of my current goal.



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7 responses to “Turning Quiet Time Into (Most of) My Time

  1. Those are good thoughts and challenges! I found out that no matter what …I’m tired. So I try to choose to do the most important things first …and it’s not bad for your kids to see you and be playing around your feet while you study. They absorb that it’s important. Hope your experiment goes well.

  2. I actually read something really great about “quiet time” recently and I posted about it over here: http://christianfrugalmama.blogspot.com/2010/08/mom-monday-nourishing.html

    Don’t worry, you’ll find the balance in time. Our walk of Faith and living as Christians is always changing in appearance because of the different seasons we go through. As long as you’re walking in the right direction (towards God) don’t sweat it if everything not perfect. 🙂

  3. What a beautiful summary of life with a young one. Mine are older (5, ages 11 – 4) but not much changes… sorry!

    I, too, struggle with finding Quiet Time for God and me. I am participating this Autumn in a Good Morning Girls group with the goal of perhaps starting my days with God in silence by November, but I know He will do what He wants me to do. We’ll see.

    Thank you for posting such an endearing post and for sharing it on the Homemaking Link Up.

    • I found the Homemaking blog from the Women Living Well blog. The author of Women Living Well is the co-author of the Good Morning Girls blog. I sent out an e-mail to a bunch of ladies about starting a Good Morning Girls group and got two half-hearted responses…even from my ladies Bible study group! Anyway, I just happened to pick your link to read on the Homemaking Link-up and I’m just so thankful how God brings the right people into my life at the right time. I love your challenge and I am going to try it myself.

      Great picture of you and your daughter!

      • I was interested in a Good Morning Girls group also, but didn’t know anyone who would do it with me. I am thankful for my husband though, because he has been an encouragement and has reminded me a few times, “Have you read your Bible yet today?” I hope you will get as much out of this challenge as I have already!

  4. What a great reminder you added about seeking the Lord in prayer throughout our day! My perspective on the “quiet time” has changed a lot over the past few years. The Lord wants us to seek Him all the time, not just one set aside time in the day! (Though it is very valuable to do that, too) Oh, how much more rich our life will be in Him when we remember that our pursuit of Him can be constant!

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