Six Months

Well Little W is officially six months old!  She is wearing clothing we received when she was first born, in which I thought to myself Theses are so big! She won’t be able to wear this for a long time! But the time has come.

She ate bananas for the first time two nights ago.  She would put it in her mouth and then give this look of, “Kinda gross, mom“.  She is a trooper though, because she ate for about 30 minutes off and on.  And by the end of her feeding frenzy, most of the banana (half of one) was gone!  We thought she must have had a sugar high after because she was so noisy and silly until we put her to bed.

We are now heading into fall here in northern Indiana.  There are a few light colored leaves in our front yard… which means it is time to wear pants, long skirts with tights, and closed toe shoes.  I have been dreading this season change for one reason: cloth diaper bum.  Little W has been wearing generously cut onesies/jumpers or shirts with baby legs all summer.  We went though all different brands (Gerber is extremely trim, Garanimals are nice and roomy.)  But now I have the challenge of finding pants that truly fit cloth bottom booty.  I have been buying 6-9 month stretchy (yoga like) pants for her to wear, and they fit alright but  look odd.  I feel like they may be too tight around her waist because of the diaper thickness.  She isn’t a small baby, but she doesn’t have that baby pot belly either. She still has some issues with spitting up a little too much, and I fear that in some cases it is because of the pressure on her belly from the waistbands of these pants when she is sitting up.  I did find a pant made for cloth diapered babes ( a whole extra panel in the bottom, so the legs and waist fit normally), but they were around $25, which is out of our price range.  Has anyone found a way around this?  Indiana winters can be pretty rough, so I expect her to be living in stretchy pants and tights until March or April.

In other news my challenge is going great! I can’t wait to recap on here once my week is done!


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