Loving Bananas (The Second Time Around)

The first time Little W tried bananas, she wanted nothing of it.  She ate them a little but most came right out of her mouth and stayed there.  This was a month ago (6 months old).  In just four short weeks, (and not every day or even every other day of practicing) she has turned into quite the little eater!  She can feed herself bananas, avocados, steamed carrots, green beans, egg yolk,  beef, and chicken.

Little W will be 7 months old tomorrow.

We’ve had no issues with choking.  She bites off as much as she wants and spits out what she can’t handle.  She has slowly gotten used to feeding herself and it is so exciting to see her master these skills.  It is fun to see her personal tastes of food.



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2 responses to “Loving Bananas (The Second Time Around)

  1. May

    Your little one is just beautiful! Her eyes are amazing! So sweet that she likes bananas on the second try, sometimes they just don’t like their first taste of things because they’re surprising. 🙂

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