Lifting The Weight

We are in the process of moving to a smaller place.  We need less wood.  We need less metal and carpet and plastic.  I am so excited for this, as I start to feel heavy as I collect more items for my home.  I am a light liver.  I don’t need much and I am  happier when I have only the things I need.  In around two weeks we will start our downsizing process that should continue for the next year as my husband embarks on the new journey called military life and Little W and I follow him. I can feel the layers peeling away as we get rid of items in our home.  They are items that others can use and I am so thankful that they can use them. I know that when I step  into our new  place that it will be as if a fresh breeze has caught my hair and filled my lungs.

Please bear with me as a dream a bit tonight… I still have to make it through all the moving process, which is not so calming as the final moved in moment.


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