Sleeping Like A Baby

Ah, it feels good to write here again.  We have been moving our items (and subsequently ourselves) to a new location, and had to wait a bit before the internet could be set up.  But it also feels good to SLEEP.

Since our Florida vacation back in late August, Little W has had trouble sleeping.  Yes, I said late August.  The sleep troubles have been going on that long.  She went from sleeping through the night (roughly 9pm-6am) then a short breakfast and back to bed until 9am- to waking up every 3 hours to eat, unconsoled any other way.  What started it I believe was my attempt to get her to sleep at a more decent hour, 7pm.  She then started waking up around 11, then again around 2 and 5 and 8.

Her naps went fine.  If she got up at 8am sharp, she would nap around 9:30/10am til 11am or even 11:30 sometimes.  She would then nap again around 1pm til 2pm and then again around 4pm until 5pm or so.  She would hit the sack between 7pm and 8pm, and the night cycle would start again.  She would eat until she was full (No sleeping while nursing.  She ate and then pulled off when done.) and go right back to bed, no problem.

It was simple at first, I thought she might be in a growth spurt and needed the extra calories.  She did not complain in any other way, and since she slept with us it was easy to feed her and go back to bed.  But it went from one time to two times.. to three times.  I started living in a state of perma-exhaustion.  By last week I was really starting to notice how the sleep deprivation was giving me what I like to call “first-trimester brain”.  I was so worried though that Little W needed these meals due to her growing or my lack of milk production.  I was making more milk due to these feedings, but I knew that the interrupted sleep had to be messing with Little W’s cognition as well.

Well, I Googled everything I could on the matter, and finally decided to give something a try.  I fed Little W a good meal (breast-milk with a bit of rice cereal) around 6:30pm, let her play until 7, and then tucked her into bed.  She woke up around 9pm, fussy like normal.  I left her alone.  She went back to bed not even 4 minutes after the first noise.  Whew.  The real test would come when both Mr. V and myself were in bed, not wanting to hear her cry.  Well she woke up around 2am and I got up and patted her back (no speaking) as she cried.  I took her blanket and put it over her once more, and just rubbed her back until she quieted down some.  She finally did and I went back to my bed already in better spirits.  Soon though, I would say 3 or 4, she was back crying again- this time sitting up.  I picked her up and snuggled with her, still not talking.  I waited for her to calm down a bit and then I put her back down.  She was not quiet, still a bit fussy.  I got back in my bed and turned away from her bed, as she cried a bit more.  I then heard a little ‘thump’, which was her laying on her side.  It got quiet.  She went to sleep and slept until 7.  I was so excited.

The next night was even better.  I put her down at 7 and she got up once at 10.  I went ahead and fed her (I was getting ready to hit the sack as well) and she went right back to sleep.  She slept until 7am.  I kid you not, two days of this and I had 9 hours of uninterupted sleep once again.

All I can think is, WHY didn’t I do this sooner?!?!

Mrs. V


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  1. You are such a good mom! (You must have had a great teacher!)

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