Good Places

Are there truly good places?  And I should start by saying not good as in Holy God is good, but good as in the sense as we can characterize people.  We moved to a new area, not too far from our old stomping grounds but far enough, and this place seems… good.  Let me explain.

We came from a town of no more than 11,000 people.  It was a small county place with all the Indiana country town charms.  We moved to a new town that actually seems bigger and more developed, though it claims to host a mere 8,000 people.  Here is the kicker, for how (and I use this term loosely, as the public would) much of a “Christian” town our last place was, I have never seen anything like where we are now.  I can not help but tell of the interesting interactions I have had in our last 8 days of living here.

Some of them are seemingly trivial.   I called the public library to see what I needed to bring in to get a card.  I had one piece of mail with our new address.  The lady kindly asked me where I lived and then told me that they would take my word for it.  Even in our other small town, we needed the customary proof of address (ID, bill, etc).  Another time Mr. V had to go on a late night trip to Kroger (say almost midnight) and had a great chat with the cashier, regardless of the time of day.  On an actual grocery trip to Kroger a few days later, the man bagging our groceries was kind and talked to us, and then (even with my husband present), asked if we needed any assistance with the groceries out to our car. Kind things, yes. But.. you can get those actions in many locations.

While we were attempting to find the public library, we had to stop for specific directions because we had gotten turned around somehow.  We stopped at a gas station and I ran in to ask the cashier lady.  She explained them to me the best she could, and I thanked her.  As I was getting ready to leave an older man in line behind me quipped up, “I am getting ready to head that way, would you like to follow me? I can show you were it is.”  I thanked him for his kind gesture but declined, as the directions seemed easy enough.

And here was the big one.  We had left all of our perishable food items at our old place for our first move, and our fridge was bare.  I decided to go to Aldi (we didn’t have one at our old place) because I knew they were considered cheaper.  I went through the lanes and finally made it to pay, where the lady told me they only take debit or cash.  I tried to use my debit but they had been having problems with MasterCard all day and it wasn’t taking my card.  No big deal, I would just need to put everything up and go somewhere else.  The lady behind me asked how much my bill was, and seeming acceptable ($31), she walked up and scanned her Aldi card and paid for it all, not another word.  I thanked her and asked for her address to repay her, but she waved me off, saying that she hoped I enjoyed my first Aldi experience.

I feel as if there were other things that I am already forgetting at the moment, but as concentrated as these acts of kindness have been I am seriously questioning, “Is this a good place?”  Is this place filled with enough people who are kind and compassionate, so that in almost every circumstance  there is at least one person out there willing to lend a hand to their neighbor?

It is an exciting, joyful time.


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  1. I live in a place like that. The other day I stopped to get gas because the E was beeping at me. Then I realized I didn’t even have my wallet in my purse. I scraped change out of the car and came up with a $1.25 so I decided to put that in so I could at least be sure to make it home to get my wallet. When I went in the next guy in line offered to give me some more $ to get more gas. I declined as I thought $1.25 would do it …also I’ve been the person at Aldi behind an elderly couple who didn’t have a debit card and no cash. That is a fun way to live! I wish I could do stuff like that more often. I’m thankful for a friendly place where people seem to enjoy helping one another.

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