Sleeping Like A Baby (2)

Well, I need to update on the sleeping progress.  It seems I may have spoken a bit too soon.  Shortly after the previous tactics worked, Little W came down with a virus and had a fever for around 4 days.  During that time she was either very cranky or extremely lethargic.  She ate more frequently, which I welcomed because I wanted her to get better!!  That being said, she started waking up every 3 and sometimes even 2 hours at night– and yes– I fed her.  The cycle goes on again.

Since then we have been trying to get her back to sleep without food, and sometimes I succeed and sometimes I give in.  It is hard to get up every 10 minutes to calm her crying by holding or patting her, especially when I know if I feed her she will fall right back asleep (for at least 3 more hours).  What worked the first time isn’t so seamless this time around, which is unfortunate, but I know that sometime we will get sleeping through the night again.

Little W just turned 8 months old.  She does thing her own way… like sleeping through the night from 2.5 months until 6 months… and then deciding she would like to get up every 3 hours again.   She has taken to crawling for real now and will take off down the hallway to see what she can find.  She also has been practicing her pincher-grip (she had peas tonight) and has figured out how to “yell”.  Believe it or not I prefer crying to her yelling, but once she figures it out (and gets bored, maybe) I know other things will come.  It is so fun to watch her grow.

Mrs. V

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