Gifts From Your Hands

I have been thinking a lot lately about Christmas gifts.  I am thankful for the internet that it gives me so many interesting and fun ideas.  Here are two of the items I am thinking of making this year for family and friends…

Homemade Natural Chap-stick

This looks like such a quick and easy project to do in one day!  I really like plain chap-stick, and everyone can use it in the winter, making it a well received and healthy gift.

Glycerin Soap

This also looks very easy and is basic enough to create many different types of soap.  I already find myself thinking of all of different scents and fillers I can add.  And who could resist homemade soap-on-a-rope?!

Ah, the possibilities.  If you know of any other healthy and (practically) easy gift ideas, please pass them on.  I would love to know things you have made or plan on making this holiday season.

Mrs. V


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  1. Homemade granola. Everybody eats. My girls have made soaps in the past and you are right…they are well received! They loved putting little toys or trinkets inside.

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