Joy Comes In The Morning

The title is actually a song by “Glad”, which if I could I would make a nice little play-list so you could hear the songs that I am listening to this morning, but it is hard to find old and somewhat obscure albums for free listening sometimes.

It has been another rough night of waking up every few hours for half-aware feedings or waiting for the right time to comfort a crying infant.  Sometimes the cries are loud and telling, other times just soft whimpers of a babe that can’t fall back asleep just yet.  It is all the same to me, as I will be up with the first little sound and not asleep until a few minutes after the last.  It makes for a long, tiresome night of little rest.  But, JOY comes in the morning! How true is that for me, as my daughter brings me such joy that I can not help but scoop her up (a happy bundle by 7:30AM) and carry her into the living room to start the day again.  Her big sleepy eyes light up as I say a little good morning to her and put her down so she can crawl feverishly (as every morning) to our vertical blinds so she can look out at  the world once again.  She usually then finds her bag of toys and in complete Santa Clause fashion starts picking out just the right ones to play with first (usually the rubber white tigers- great to chew on!).

This little bundle (complete with a bit of bed-head) brings our household so much joy, and it is evident every morning by her enthusiasm to get the day going! A night of restlessness is no match for the natural joy the day will bring.



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2 responses to “Joy Comes In The Morning

  1. Rebecca Elliott

    What a little cutie!
    I love the pictures. 🙂

  2. Beautiful post! Those little bed heads do bring joy and it’s worth it. I will pray for you when I’m heading off to bed that you will be able to sleep too!

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