New Snow

I’m sitting here this morning drinking tea and eating sugar cookies. The breakfast of champions. If we had brought our toaster with us on our first (or even second) “move”, I would have buttered toast, but the little zip-lock bag of cookies was right here on the table so there you have it.  It is snowing right now outside our sliding glass doors- big, beautiful flakes.  I want to cherish these types of snows, the earliest and whitest ones.  If you live in an area that gets a good 3 months of winter, you know how the snow turns mid-January:  rusty, muddy, dark and disgusting. It is the snow that makes you wish it were Spring. You get out your rain boots during that week the snow turns to muddy puddles.  (If you live in Indiana, you might have to do it a few times because our weather never makes up it’s mind.. high 60’s one day, freezing and snowy the next.)   But right now, I get to enjoy that fresh new snow on December 1st, of all days.  Very nice.

It has been almost a month since I quit working for pay.  Even though it was part time, those times were the times I was available since they were times Mr. V wasn’t working.  Which means that when I was off, he wasn’t.  It was all to keep Little W with us, as opposed to having someone watch her (and then pay them).  I can say that I am loving this season of life.  I am able to keep my house in order (without feeling myself out-of-order), and I do not feel as if I am giving a paid job only a fraction of my energy (and subsequently my family another fraction).  I have been able to make more healthful meals and have the home prepared for visitors at any time.  That is a big step for me, as before I was always anxious for guests.  Part of it was because I would always have to scramble to get things in order, and the other was because I expected my house to be spotless.  I failed every time.  (Uh, I had a dog.)  But thankfully I am changing in both ways, because I am actually practicing the “orderliness, not perfection is goal” saying and I can now give our home my full attention.

Another high point is my availability to volunteer again.   Mr. V has been kind enough to spend time with Little W on Monday and Tuesday mornings for a few hours so I can go to our local homeless shelter and help out.  With our limited income we can not give large amounts of money to organizations (and people) that need it, but I do have my youth (and some time) so I can give of that as long as I have it.  It has been a good balance for our family.

It always pains me to hear  a young woman say that she would love to care for her family and home without paid distraction, but she feels as if she can’t because of the current cost of living.  It can be done!  I promise you, where there is a will, there is a way, and it is very rewarding for those who feel the urge to live that lifestyle.

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