Nursery Protocol

We have been going to different churches attempting to find one around our new area.  One thing I have noticed is that if you have a baby – EVERYONE – tells you that they have a nursery (that is, if they have one) and where it is and that I should have no problem leaving my 8 month old with strangers during the entire service.  Part of me knows that this is because they are being polite and want us to know, but after so many times it seems almost as if we are being pushed to drop off our baby in a new nursery with people we have never met before!  I declined to leave her today, and when I went in the baby nursery half way through the service because Little W was getting a bit antsy, I felt out of place.  I know it might not have been her intention, but I got the vibe from the nursery attendant that I was messing with her turf by being there.  I guess I just don’t expect people to be so nonchalant about leaving their child with strangers, no matter where or for how long.

Am I crazy about this?  At my home church, mothers just go into the nursery with their babies.  It also has a little speaker so you can hear the sermon, which I really enjoy and have missed at a few of the churches we have visited.  So maybe I am just not used to this larger-church nursery idea.  Good thing we humans are adaptable!




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3 responses to “Nursery Protocol

  1. I think it really depends on the nursery supervisor. That person needs to be “ministry minded” ….as in this is God’s nursery not mine. At our church we have a nursing mother’s room w/speakers and any mom is welcome to sit in there with her child. But you are right some have the “nursery workers only beyond this point” signs….that may be because they are trying to protect the kids in the nursery from strangers too. 🙂 Either way it’s a tough issue. Maybe it would be good to have a big screen room with a “watch your own kid” area for people who don’t want to leave their own children but can sit and listen to the service over the din of the noise of their own kids.

  2. Jenn Schmidt

    First, I love your blog. 🙂 It’s encouraging, convicting, sweet, and I love being able to keep up with you guys somewhat. 🙂

    Second, even though I don’t have kids, I completely agree with you about the nursery thing. I don’t understand why people who think that they should be responsible for their kids all during the week would suddenly say, “It’s Sunday! I’m going to hand over my kids now!” I’ve thought for a while that church nurseries should go back to their namesake – a place for mothers to nurse and care for their small children, not a place for one and two-year olds to play while Mom and Dad take part in the service.

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