For Today, December 10, 2010

Outside My Window … there are a few inches of snow, no wind.. just cold.  I can feel it through the window panes.  The building beside ours has snowball markings left from two young girls who were throwing them a few nights ago in attempt to hit the upper foyer window.

I Am Thinking … that I promised myself I would nap during Little W’s morning nap (now). But- here I am.

I Am Thankful For … What is there not to be thankful for? My husband. My daughter. My current rough and ragged life. Blankets on the back of couches.

From The Learning Rooms … Gravity. Little W is pulling up on everything.

From The Kitchen … A warm tea kettle. A cold bowl of mixed cookie dough to spoon and bake after lunch. A dishwasher that needs emptied.

I Am Wearing … A large long sleeve top…and (oh-) pajama bottoms. It is a quiet girls day, I am still in my pajamas.

I Am Creating … A meal plan for one and a baby. Trickier than you think with no microwave or “quick food”.

I Am Going … To lay down sooner than later, promise.

I Am Reading … 1 Corinthians

I Am Hoping … For good news from my husband. He works so hard.

I Am Hearing … The box fan that keeps our lap top from over-heating.  Chilly for my feet.

Around The House … All is quiet but me.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week … Reading, writing, and visiting family. Staying as warm as possible.

A Picture …

This is from quite a few months ago, when Little W was 4 months old. Every time I see this picture I smile.


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