UdderCovers Special Offer

I found out about UdderCovers from an offer they did last Christmas.  They were selling $5  nursing covers with a special code – and anyone could do it!  I got one and I use it ALL THE TIME when I am out.  A few months later, I recieved an email from the same company about a new line of slings they were doing, and bought one with matching baby legs with a special code (I believe it was a high percentage off).  I love the sling, it is sized to fit and is so easy.  I use it in the summer.

I am explaining all of this because I received another email today – They are doing another Christmas offer on nursing covers.  But this time, it is a bundle!  They are giving out their “Nursing Gift Set” which includes a nursing cover, a pair of matching MilkBands bracelets (so you can remember which side you used last.. I still sometimes forget!) and 2 pairs of  100%  cotton cloth nursing pads.  With this code you get all three pieces, a $46 dollar value for $5 plus shipping and handling.  The code is also able to be used more than once, just open a new window and start a new transaction.

The code is : Christmas

If you need a cover or know anyone that would, this is a great offer to use.

I am receiving no compensation from UdderCovers.  I am on their mailing list from my previous purchases and received an email letting me know about their new offer.  I have been pleased with many of their products and want to share the good deal.


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