When The Babe Moves

Little W is now 9 months old, and attempting to walk on her own.  Her core is not quite strong enough to take her where she wants to go just yet (but if it was based on pure determination, she would be walking around here with no issues) so she ends up tumbling around all day.  She has had bumps.  She has had bruises.  She has landed on her bottom so many times I am thankful that she must have inherited at least a little bit of my padding.  She seems to have no fear, which gets her into sticky situations but at the same time helps her continue experimenting.

She seems to get more entertainment from our things than hers.  She will pull all of our books from the bottom shelves and go through them (she does not destroy them thankfully), want to play with every empty candy dish on the coffee table, take her turn with the electronic controllers, and open and close the oven drawer repeatedly.  I actually encourage this, because she can really do no harm as long as someone is keeping an eye on her.

I have already caught her standing up in her bed attempting to look over the top to see us.  I have also heard a few “thumps” as she haphazardly lands on her bottom to fall asleep. This new movement is exciting and exhausting.

One of the most interesting things I have discovered is the fact that Little W relies on us to tell her if she is alright after a fall/injury/action.  Now, if the injury was pretty loud and on a hard surface, she simply cries her obvious pain away.  She knows she hurts.  But when she does a little spill, or slips off of something (etc, etc) the first thing she does is look at me.  If I show a face of concern or pain, she replies with a cry or a sad face.  If I just smile and say a few soft encouraging words, she seems content, and even once I smiled and laughed a bit and after a second of contemplation she laughed as well.  What power this is! I am in awe of her ability to understand that we take care of her, and if she is not certain of her fate she knows that we are.  It makes me even more mindful of my reactions to her doings.  She is looking to me to let her know how to act.  Before speaking.  Before walking.  At 9 months of age.  I have always tried to give babies credit for their abilities and understanding, but I was not expecting this so early.  And I am not sure why, but I wasn’t.

So now along with the example of action, attitude is being judged.. never a dull moment!


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One response to “When The Babe Moves

  1. Rebecca

    Wow, What a beautiful baby!
    I love that picture.
    It sure seems that you are very attentive and a great mom!

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