Discount on Seven Everyday Slings

In the previous post I mentioned how I also bought a sling from a sister company of  UdderCovers.  It turns out they  (Seven Everyday Slings) are having the same type of offer, $5 for their sling set (sling, pair of baby legs, and a bracelet).  I received the email earlier today – so you are getting it about when I got it!

I personally love the sling, being one who wore a  gifted bag sling (bad idea) and a home made Maya Wrap sling (better, but too big) first.  I am a small person, so it was awesome to try out a sling that was sized!  It is not as versatile or as comfortable as a Moby, but is perfect for a quick trip and folds up in your purse.

The only thing I would add is that I fit a size 1 and  in all accounts it should fit perfectly- and it fits well, but I am a bit more busty (as I would imagine most nursing mothers would be) and I imagine the size 2 would be a little more roomy.  The one I have fits fine, but as Little W gets bigger I might want the extra room.  Just a little something to think of if you are heavy chested yet small framed (or in the case of their sizing, short waisted).

The code is the same as for the nursing covers : Christmas

And like before, I am not being compensated in any way by Seven Slings. Just passing along the deal!


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