Little W’s “Smoothie”

We have been for the most part pleased with giving Little W solids as first foods.  She does wonderful with everything from avocado to green beans to chicken breast.  She has 8 teeth, but even without her back teeth she has learned to “gnaw” on her food with her gums or suck on it until it becomes soft.  She developmentally did not require a pureed food stage.  One thing I had noticed was that how some of the food looked the same going out as it did going out.  This got me to thinking about how many nutrients she was gaining from these meals (she is still nursing as her main source of nutrition) and if I could help her out.

I started thinking about my own eating habits.  Sure, I am a seasoned chewer, but I also know the benefits of blending food together before eating.  I thought of some of the reasons why green smoothies are so good for ones health.  Then it hit me!  I will make Little W a baby version of a smoothie.  Sure, it will be spoon fed- but we are not “anti spoon”, we just want our babe to learn and grow from practice if she is capable.  From these thoughts came a  meal that Little W has about 4 times a week for lunch.

Little W’s “Smoothie”

1 raw small apple, peeled, cored and cut up (I buy Michigan Golden Delicious – a little tart)

1 raw large adult carrot, peeled and cut into bite sized pieces

1-1.5 tablespoons of organic whole grain baby rice cereal (We currently have Earth’s Best brand)

filtered water to desired consistency

We use a Magic Bullet that we got as a wedding gift and it works great because it is so quick and easy to clean up, and the little canister is the exact size of a Little W lunch.  I mix the apple, carrot, and water together until it is a puree, then once in a bowl I add a bit of cereal to make it thicker.  It comes out a pretty peach color and Little W gobbles it up.  I have tasted it myself and it does not taste bad at all.  We have added other fruits to it if we have them; bananas, mango, a fresh fruit juice, etc.  It works out well since Little W can’t eat a raw apple or carrot yet, so she can get the benefits this way.

“Um, why are we taking pictures and not eating?”



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3 responses to “Little W’s “Smoothie”

  1. Aww what a cutie.. nice post

  2. Ummm…sounds good …I will have to try that “Little W Special” someday.

  3. Rebecca

    Wow, she is looking so big!
    I am glad she is getting some other nutrients into her system.
    She looks happy.

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