A Late Start On The “Holiday Post”

I am about to show my holiday decor.  My poor mother might be a bit embarrassed by my lack of holiday decorating.  Her house is always decorated lovely for the seasons. For a  few years I even remember a full town scene with working train under her Christmas tree. There was even a pond with moving ice skaters. In my memory it looks as how I imagine an expensive store-front window would look decorated for the holidays.  Sorry, mom.

The little desk tree and houses started on the coffee table in our living room. I didn’t even attempt to get out the little trees that go with the houses.  I had them all pushed back until Little W decided to grab one and throw it on the ground.  The little house then went  up on the bookshelf just above her head.  The tree stayed, pushed far back, until Little W wiggled it close enough to get a good mouthful of fake green.  Up it went as well, beside our wooden parent figurines (gifts from the baby shower) on the top of the bookcase. The little houses are Mr. V’s collection, started as a young child.

Our three stockings are hanging near the door.  Little W is too young to enjoy putting her shoes out to fill with candies, so I just put up stockings.  I love the idea of stockings and it is always my favorite part of Christmas morning.  There is always an orange stuck in there somewhere, with usually a favorite type of chocolate.  We will have full stockings at my parents house, so these will be empty until Little W is big enough to set out her shoes and “socks”.  The reason these are nailed to the wall so close together is that I already had two holes in the wall from a shelf that would not stay up.  I did not want to make more holes in our apartment so I just used the holes already there, and added one more for the little stocking.

We will have a full holiday week with both sides of the family this year.  Last year I was pregnant and Mr. V had to work, so this year is a big change.  I pulled out my new B&N planner for 2011 and was giddy with the empty pages just waiting to be filled.

We hope you all enjoy your holiday weekend!


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  1. Very nice Christmas decor. I was kind low on the decor end as well…we waited for my big boys to come home and by then I was too busy with last minute stuff. We ended up with a little tree but it’s pretty and it does the job of hovering over the presents and making the little one’s giddy with anticipation!

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