Where We Are With Cloth Diapers

Little W has been wearing disposables.  She hasn’t been in cloth diapers for about a month and a half, and I will tell you why.

First we had the Dreft incident. The suds were unbelievable and I still cringe when I think about what a pain that detergent has caused.

Second, After (yet while…) that issue we were heading into winter, which meant that Little W would need to start wearing pants (or tights).  Cloth diaper booty is quite a bit larger than paper diaper booty.  It also is bulky, and I found that the pants were tight (even a larger size with an elastic waist) around her belly and would put pressure which would cause her to spit up.  That was just frustrating.  So on top of wardrobe difficulties, I was starting to have rash issues with my diapers.  Little W never has diaper rash.  Even after I thought I had “flushed” the diapers out with hot water enough that there would be no possible way for any Dreft residue to remain: there was.  And I would see it the next time I put them in the wash.  The suds never left, even after I got some Charlies and washed and washed and washed them with it.  I almost bought Rockin’ Green, since I have heard that it does a great job at getting residue out of diapers washed in stinky detergent.

Third, We were getting ready to move, and with the added cost of paying off old bills while collecting new, I knew that we would not have the money lying around to get a big new batch of Charlies online, so I wanted to conserve what we had for clothes, sheets, curtains, etc. (You wash diapers with two scoops, clothes with one.)

Fourth, Little W started crawling.  I noticed a difference in how she crawled depending on if she was wearing a cloth or paper diaper.  I know cloth doesn’t slow down a crawling infant, but I noticed that it was a little easier (plus the fact that her clothes fit better, making it easier to move).

So, she is in disposable diapers right now.  Will she be forever? No.  Actually, once my shipment comes I am going to attempt another flush of these diapers in hot water from here (different washer, hotter water) and hope for the best.  I know that as of right now I am putting dangerous chemicals literally right beside my daughter’s bum, but believe it or not I feel I have made the best choice for the time being.  I love using cloth, and if I could change one thing right now, it would be that clothing was made for cloth booty babies alike.  Which brings me to…

One of my goals for 2011 is to get a sewing machine, a baby clothing pattern, and to make my babe (and hopefully subsequent others) clothes that fit a cloth bottom.  There is no reason for her to miss out on cute outfits and nice fitting winter pants because she is diapered differently.  It is a BIG pain and I hate it, so I am going to fix it.

So, this pro-cloth diaper mama has been letting her babe crawl and cruise around in a chemically soaked paper diaper and she knows it.  I’ll own it.  I love my cloth diapers and I stand by them 100%, but right now just can’t be the time.  I’ll write again when I get my next batch of soap and start flushing… and hopefully sooner rather than later I will have something to show of a nice outfit made for a cloth diapered babe.



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5 responses to “Where We Are With Cloth Diapers

  1. Mrs. Peter

    My twins are finally back into cloth after doing the back and forth for 8 weeks or so. Or rather, a rest for me. We, too, were moving, and I find that and cloth diapering impossible for me to keep up. (We also passed the one year mark, and I just was having difficulty with the toddler poo. I’ve finally compromised with diaper liners. I get the cloth diaper benefit without having to wash out diapers. At this point, totally worth the cost – which is much less than actual paper diapers, too)

    Here’s a couple of things I do about some of your diaper woes – which I have certainly encountered at different point in our journey! I strip my cloth diapers with vinager – sometimes I put it in the rinse cycle or other times I just wash them twice, but forgoe the soap the second time around just using vinegar in place of the soap. I know some people wouldn’t do it because it is rumored to shorten the length of the diaper life, but it works well for me. No nasty diaper rashes when I rinse with vinager – and I’ve seen some bad ‘uns. I also like to use tea tree oil in my home made wipes, and I think that helps keep the bacteria level down. I’ve had issues with rashes due to crawling, but I just switch out different syles of diaper covers, and that helps – some of my covers are a tighter fit around the thigh, and that can bother their skin. I have the best fit with econobum cover for crawlers.

    (I also wash with plain old dish soap. It’s cheap and washes out well. Actually, I don’t use Dawn anymore, I switched to Shaklee dish soap – I’m still on the same bottle I ordered back in August and I use it for dishes and diapers! I only have to use a couple of drops, it’s really concentrated. I’ve literally spent $6.90 on washing dishes and diapers for six months with a natural dishsoap – I am really so impressed with this product. I’ve also used straight up Basic H. It works well, too.)

    Also, I had some issue this winter with the cloth diaper bum for the girls, but it was so much worse for my poor boys when they were that age – as they didn’t have the dress option. 😛 this year, I just put my girls in the stretchy yoga pants from Wal-mart and they wear that under jumpers or just with a shirt. It’s worked beautifully. Recently, leggings have become really popular, which works even better, so I’ve stocked up on them. So cute under dresses, and makes dresses for little ones so much more appropriate, too, in my opinion. 🙂

    I hope your move went well, been thinking of you!

  2. It is good to hear from you! I too am a big fan of leggings, especially the ones you can get at Wal-Mart that seem to be larger in the waist and bottom. I am getting ready to transition back to cloth (our current prefolds/covers go to 30lbs) and I realized I need to go up a size in clothing for this to work, so that is the next goal. I will definitely look into that dish soap. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Kat

    Just randomly found your website, Just wanted to tell you that Rocking green is awesome, but it can take a few soaks to get all the old grossness out. For my normal wash routine I wash one cycle warm just water, then hot with soap, soaking after the washer mixes it in, then rinse 2 times in hot water. I could probably cut out one of the rinses bc the area we live in now has soft water as opposed to hot, but i’m a creature of habit.
    A wash routine like mine can decrease the life of diapers, but mine have lasted through 2.5 kids before I had to replace them, washing every other day with 2 kids in them at a time, so I think it’s worth it. I also second the flushable liners, they’re great. Another option for cloth booties is hand knitted wool pants works as a super breathable diaper cover (sheepy time knits has a good pattern online) or some fleece diaper cover pants (like mile high monkeys). I put these under dresses for girls and as they are for boys. I have seen some cute skirts in both options, you can find them if you look around.

    Good luck!

  4. Dannette Oestreich

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  5. Maryann Morsey

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